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If you and your spouse have worked out the details of your divorce, but you would like the assurance and assistance of having a lawyer prepare the documents, we can help!

Having a divorce attorney review your documents is beneficial in the following ways:

Flat Fees, Predictable Costs
If you have agreed to all of the details of your divorce, and you are ready to proceed with an uncontested divorce case, Ozarks Family Law will quote you a price based on the complexity of your needs — pricing starts at $600 plus court costs!  Additional fees apply for parenting plans and other documents that may be required.

Creating a Parenting Plan that is both manageable and enforceable
A divorce attorney can guide you through some common pitfalls associated with your uncontested divorce and help you identify common problems with parenting plans so that you and your spouse can create an agreement that WORKS rather than an agreement that complicates your ability to co-parent going forward. Particularly for people with complicated schedules or for parents who are arranging long-distance co-parenting, drafting a good Parenting Plan is absolutely critical. Ozarks Family Law can listen to what you have agreed to and help you draft it in such a way that it will be enforceable.

Property and Debt Division
If you and your spouse have agreed on your division of property, an attorney can help you file the paperwork properly to make sure that there are no overlooked issues post-divorce. For example, division of a retirement account or 401k is particularly difficult to accomplish as a layperson. Nobody wants to discover years after a divorce that they’ve missed an important detail. A divorce attorney can help ease your mind and get the paperwork filled out correctly.

Court Appearances
In most cases, a divorce attorney can help you avoid taking time out of your life to travel to court to dissolve your marriage.