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One of the most important steps in any dissolution case is ascertaining an accurate valuation of the marital property. As the income and assets of the parties’ increases, the complexity of that task increases accordingly.  The attorneys at Ozarks Family Law have the knowledge, tools, and network to accomplish this goal on even the most complex asset cases.  Effective representation in a high-asset divorce may require some or all of the following:

  • Hiring appraisers to ascertain the current fair market value of your real and personal property (including livestock and farm equipment)
  • Employing forensic accountants/accounting firms to determine the proper valuation of a business, corporation, or company, and to assist in asset-tracing
  • Working with a certified public accountant (CPA) to discuss possible tax benefits and consequences of different property-division scenarios
  • Collaborating with your investment firm or broker on your stocks, bonds, and other securities (including retirement accounts)
  • Retaining experts to assist the parties, the attorneys, and the court in understanding the value of complicated assets, and in understanding the future earning potential of the parties for evaluating maintenance (formerly known as alimony)
  • Reviewing documents with the assistance of experts to identify assets that may have been hidden or squandered during the course of the marriage or divorce litigation
  • Assisting the parties in mediation/alternative dispute resolution to help them achieve an amicable resolution to their divorce without the need for costly and emotionally taxing litigation.

Collecting accurate and thorough information about the assets and debts of the parties is essential to resolving your divorce case.  Ozarks Family Law has the experience, knowledge, network of professionals, and the tools to help you achieve the best possible outcome in your divorce case.