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Ozarks Family Law is a small firm dedicated solely to domestic practice. We specialize in the following:


When a marriage is being dissolved, it is important to seek legal counsel immediately.  Issues of property division, parenting arrangements, and maintenance (commonly called alimony) are complicated, and you should have someone to advocate for you in court.  While legal fees are often daunting at first, remember that your divorce will have a long-term impact on your relationship with your children and on your finances.  Finding an family law / divorce attorney that you can trust is of the utmost importance.

Child Custody

Ozarks Family Law can help modify an existing child custody arrangment or establish a custody arrangment where one did not exist before.  The terms of these agreements will affect your life for years to come – contact a professional to help you develop a parenting schedule that works for you and your children, and to establish support plans that will provide for the children and meet the needs of the parents.  A child custody attorney is crucial to protecting your rights in contested matters.


5b78dd_a89377c2e6294e93bfe08b30b4815ed4My philosphy is simple – I will work hard for my clients, openly and regularly communicate with them about their cases, and treat people with the utmost dignity.  My goals are simple – to make sure that you understand the legal proceedings from day one, to communicate with you often about your options, and to get you the best possible outcome for your particular legal situation.   No attorney can guarantee the result of a given legal issue – but I can  guarantee that you will have an attorney that cares about you and your situation every step of the way.

Some of the biggest challenges many people will ever face will happen in the courtroom.  Don’t go through it alone. Ozarks Family Law is committed to helping you navigate the legal system throughout the entire process.  From day one, you are our priority.

At Ozarks Family Law, we believe that every person in a family law matter should have their voice heard. The rights of all parties should be protected, and to do that you need an attorney that cares about you.